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  1. Counseling-Psychologist with Weight Management Clinic, Kandivli

  2. Ex-Counselor-on-Campus - K.C. College, Churchgate & MMK College, Bandra

  3. Various issues of students through  personal counseling as well as proactive in-house workshops, as an awareness and preventive measure

  4. Study Skills

  5. Concentration

  6. Time Management

  7. Stress Management

  8. Self-Confidence

  9. Relationships

  10. Communication

  11. Addictions

  12. Dermatoglyphic Advisor on Multiple Intelligences & Personality Profiles

Professional Practice

  1. Reiki Healer & Teacher

  2. Workshops, Programs & Consultations

  3. Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT

  4. Core Abundance Program - CAP

  5. Personal Growth Laboratory - PGL (Atmavishleshan in Hindi)

  6. Professional Proficiency Skills - PPP

  7. Mind-Mapping

  8. Zero-Limits

  9. Ho'oponopono

  10. Dermatoglyphics

  11. Learning & Multiple Intelligences based on “Seed of Genius”

  1. All these reach out to various socio-economic segments and strata of society at all age levels. Each program is designed according to the specific needs of the individual and community. Processes include :

  2. Cognitive Therapy

  3. Narrative Therapy

  4. EFT : Emotional Freedom Technique

  5. Signature Analysis

  6. Meditation

  7. Pranayam, Mudras, Yogasanas

  8. Reiki & Karuna Reiki


  1. “Applied Psychology & Counseling Skills” for Management students at KCCMS

  2. “Mind Management” for Management students at NLDIMSR & SIMSR

  3. Workshops, seminars & programs for

  4. PGDC (Post-Graduate Diploma in Counseling), Junior & Degree students

  5. Belair Hospital Campus, Panchgani for Counselors all over Maharashtra, working specifically with HIV and AIDS patients, as well as a separate one for the Nursing staff

  6. Teacher Orientation Workshops

  7. “Skills for Adolescence” in non-school environment since 1999
    and in Don Bosco School, Gyanodaya NIOS

  8. Parents’ Forum & Parenting

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B.Ed., Masters in Psychology,

PG Diploma in Counseling

Professional Expertise

  1. BulletCounselor ~ Coach ~ Mentor

  2. BulletReiki Master

Additional Skill Modalities

  1. BulletMind-Maps

  2. BulletHypno/Grapho Therapy

  3. BulletEFT

Internationally Certified Workshop Facilitator

& Seminar Leader

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