Angel Therapy

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Angels are divine beings of Love & Light


The word angel means “messenger of God.” Angels carry messages between the Creator and the created, like Heavenly postal carriers.


Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform God's will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels' messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.


Connecting and communicating with our angels and guardian angels is a wonderful experience, whereby we receive answers to what we are seeking.


We don't worship or pray to the angels, because we only worship God. Nor do the angels want to be worshipped. As messengers of God, they carry prayers and messages between the Creator and the created (us). 


Angels love everyone unconditionally. They look past the surface and see the godliness within us all. They focus only on our Divinity and potential, and not on our “faults.” 


So angels aren’t judgmental, and they only bring love into our lives. You’re safe with the angels, and you can totally trust them. Angels also help us develop our inner perspectives of love and compassion.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, because the angels believe in you. They see your inner light, they know your true talents, and they understand that you have an important life mission. They want to help you with everything.


Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian angels and archangels (managers of the angel world). 


Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels.


A 3-hour workshop, facilitated by Aarti Gupta, internationally certified by Doreen Virtue herself in Denver, USA, besides covering the basics of Angel Card reading will also enable you to practice Angel Therapy.

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Insanity is repeatedly doing the same things in life over and over again and expecting different results. Get a fresh new perspective and perhaps that may open up various new possibilities for you.


Every Monday, the Healing Circle healers assemble (consistently over last 16 years) at Borivli, Mumbai to exchange holistic experiences and concepts while channeling Reiki to all seekers. 


This is an absolutely Free and No-Cost event.