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You are unique, special and different with a high potential to succeed and do well in your life, profession, business or career. For this you need to know your true strengths and capabilities so that you can focus on them to get the best. You need to get to know your hidden potential fast so that you do not waste your time, energy and resources on inherent weaknesses and problems.
Believe in Yourself...Take Charge of Your Life
Taking charge comes from within, so you need to be proactive in being the boss of your own mind. Being proactive means looking ahead and planning to the extent that you can. Taking charge of yourself may be the fuel you need to make everything in your life a success.
"Appo Deepa Bhavah"
“Be your own lamp”
Buddha's last words to his foremost disciple Ananda, as he fell silent to embrace his approaching death.

Seed of Genius 2nd Edition by Ankur Gupta


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